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Friday, February 26, 2010

Give the Guy What He Deserves

My office transportation picks up and drops me at a place which is a 10-minute train ride away from home. Although I’ve travelled in suburban trains all my life, these 10-minute trips have often tested my patience to the hilt.

A firm believer of the principle of negotiation and making peace, I obviously had to implement that in “the human compactor” called the local train, everyday. One such tiring evening, on my way home, with great effort, I got into a train. The people behind me were pushing and urging me to push more, at which I told them to take it easy, as a fairly old lady was ahead of me. This irate bunch of people still didn’t let go, and pushed more. Now, it was my turn to turn around 180 degrees as I had to get down on the same side that I had boarded. One of the men hanging on the doorway, part of that bunch, behind me, felt uncomfortable as I turned and told me to get down at the opposite end, and I, (the wise guy that I am) told him, “I’d rather push you out and get down than go all the way to the opposite end.”

The old lady also had to get down, so she also turned back, which now put me in front of her. Now, “the irate bunch” had some of its members behind me also, (they had their “thugs” all around me, it seemed) and they were now urging me to make way for the old lady to get down. I assured them she’ll make it to the station fine, and (again, wise negotiator that I am) asked them why they were so worried about her now, when they themselves disregarded her presence and pushed before.

Now these wisecracks by me, and my defiant voice were too much for these train-thugs to take, and they decided to do a number on me. They started cursing and I kept my defiant tone. The result was, a couple of them had decided not to let me through. One of them even grabbed my throat. My principles of negotiation had failed. It was time to remain silent and pray not to get thrown overboard.

They let the old lady pass and blocked me. I weaved and elbowed a couple of them, and somehow, manage to get out, while they still kept cursing. I turned back and yelled a nugget of a word, that everyone on the platform could hear.
I had given them what they all deserved.
And then, I ran, as fast I could, the sounds of their cursing, fading in the distance.

It’s not always that you can talk your way out of a situation. You sometimes have to give such jerks the taste of their own medicine. If I had weighed 20 kilos more, I would have surely have punched at least one guy in the face. Cursing is bad, fighting worse, but even the staunchest of Gandhians wouldn’t stand his ground against such inhuman behaviour. Anger will be vented out, and a guy loses control the moment it comes out.


  1. u did wat u cud've done in dis situation..not many ppl hav d courage 2 even stand up 2 those guys man...i juz wish u cud've atleast hit 1 guy..

  2. he he... are come to the ladies compartment.. u will find better fights

  3. hey there was no need fpor u to run... :):)

  4. and we should never bother ourselves with the people who keep on cursing in local trains.. they cant do anything better in life... so apna time barbaad nahi karne ka unke upar dyaan dekhe.. he he

  5. Mumbai's trains are in a truly dismal state. These trains which carry upto 3 times their capacity during peak hours, are said to be the 'lifeline' of Mumbai! Well, this 'lifeline' actually causes the deaths of 10 people every day in railway related accidents - the highest fatality rate in any railway system in the world.

    And it doesn't help that successive railway ministers like Laloo and Mamta Banerjee exploit the railway budget to cater to their own states.