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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Live-in Relationships....Everyone has somethin' to say...

With the more so-called "polished" and "educated" western culture dominating our lives, everyone, young and old, in some way or the other, tries to justify live-in relationships. Now let me get this straight. I am a guy, and I'll be able to earn my living in the near future, and so if a girl wants to have a live-in with me, I'll definitely say YES. Damn society and damn all moral values....why should I say no at all?

This is how a man thinks. Now who can ever figure out a woman's mind? Even great thinkers have failed trying to fathom a woman's mind. The sophisticated, western, self-dependent woman of today can jump into the so-called helpless Indian outfit anytime. She could demand stability in her life and dream about chiming wedding bells. What if the man doesn't want to convert it into a long-term relationship? Who becomes the loser now? What will happen of the woman if she's conceiving? Who'll take the child's responsibility?

The fact that often goes unnoticed is that, the so-called broad-minded thinkers who demand legalization of live-in relationships, shun from such questions. Is there any need to create an edict that has potential disaster written all over it for the fair sex, when the national capital itself is brimming with injustice against women?

It's not that marriages never fail. But the contract implied by marriage has witnesses in the form of relatives and friends, who, knowingly or unknowingly, help in binding the spouses together. The court can intervene in marital conflicts; who the hell intervenes in live-in conflicts?
Just blindly looking at Europeans kissing and saying goodbye, and wishing our lives were like theirs, is no way to happiness.
As Indians, we know how insecure people can get with ups and downs in such "nomadic" personal lives.