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Sunday, December 7, 2008

9/11? We've had lots of those!

The recent benumbing attacks on the Taj hotel as well as The Oberoi, The Nariman House etc. will be remembered for a long time. My sincerest condolences to the deceased and the immortal soldiers who laid down their lives.

I heard several media personnel comparing the attacks to the 9/11 attacks in the US. Probably it was similar, but only because of the planning that had gone underneath. I ask myself, we had a similar attack on 7 trains a couple of years ago and several people lost their lives then too. Then why do we see people waking up and thinking of restructuring the system only now?

Comparison is what we never fail to do, and it is what we'll always keep on doing. We've had 17 blasts in Ahmedabad, lots of those in Delhi and Bangalore as well, so why are the people and the government "waking" up now?
Is it only because a bunch of millionaires bit the dust in the Taj, and the people who died before were "nothing"?
I am afraid that is the only reason anybody can offer, coz that's the damn truth.

If every instance of destruction of peace and property was treated as 9/11, the government and the people can prevent further such devastating onslaughts. The US has only one such 9/11 to talk of, we have a dozen of them in the last year itself. Every life lost is precious, be it a slumdog or a tycoon, because it is a human (not even an Indian, here) and if people understood that, then we won't have to regret ever again.