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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Maharashtra has 100% electrification...(A bunch of baloney)!!!

I come home after a tiring day at college, at the time when the sun's said goodbye and I am welcome to absolute darkness. Yes, that is how it is, at least four times a week, in the homes of my town Vasai, located on the outskirts of Mumbai. When Mumbai flourishes with brightness after 5 PM, Vasai has to stay in darkness.

What aggravates me most, is that a state which boasts of 100% electrification, i.e. Maharashtra cares about nothing but a chalked out portion of a city called Mumbai. This state has population more than 10 crores but still not ready to invest money in power supply. And what is even more interesting is the surplus MSEB charge. Mumbaikars pay much lesser for wasting electricity than Vasaikars, Kalyankars and Dombivlikars who pay more and get thrust into darkness everyday.

Imagine the students of this locality struggling to study smeared with candle drippings and some flimsy snapshot of a semi-nude model being lit up with a hundred lights on a billboard in Bandra.
That is what Mumbai is all about. Mumbai is about taking care of one's own profits kicking the backs of the people who strive to build those profits for the capital investors.

I have passed my 10th, 12 th and am now passing out of engineering but the problem just doesn't seem to end. I have got used to the dark days and candlelight. When the problem of Marathi Maanoos is getting electricity, why can't these linguistic politicians get a hold of this problem and try to get actual 100% electrification?