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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: BIG B just farted

The Indian Television media just never seem to shed the tag of being juvenile. The News Channels probably maintain a Hit-List of celebrities whom they would have marked as Good or Bad and present the most absurd of news material justifying what they say. The Bachchan Parivar visited Tirupati (What the heck do I care!!!!). Or SRK likes Paneer Tikka (The Somalian hungry children might want some!!!). It is almost as if they are manufacturing news items out of paltry facts and normal situations. Well, gone are the days when 5 items of politics and 2 items of sports constituted the half hour of news. Having unlimited airtime empowers News Channels to repeat a sentence 20 times rephrasing it as they like, each time.

Or the much-hyped up Aarushi murder case. Forget SRK and Big B, The Talwar family came to limelight because of the news channels. It's true that the girl was brutally killed, but aren't there other more important matters? The most irritating part is that the News Channels air reruns of Comedy Shows and Reality Dance and Song Programmes. The Hell with them.....!