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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We are Mumbaikars, too!

I am a pure Tamilian born and living in this state of Maharashtra, studying in the huge city of Mumbai. I have never lived in Tamilnadu for a duration of more than 20 days. Am I still an outsider? What is the definition of an outsider? Is language all that matters, in Mumbai? We are Tamil, Malayali, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Odisi, etc etc etc but does this city ever make us remember our roots? Do we get the "time" in our hectic life, to remember our roots? These are the questions we must put to the population of this city, the population that strives to put the wheels of the nation in motion.....It is not Marathi which is required to put oneself into the Mumbai map, but the willingness to earn bread that makes us fall into place.


  1. You have articulately described your frustration over the so called 'champions of marathi asmita'. Mumbai is the heart of India because the whole of India resides in it. The day Mumbai loses this special trait, it will become very similar to any other 'region' of India.

  2. wellll...what can we say...... it's time to act against such filthy politicians
    i definately think that the future of mumbai or mahrashtra is very bad......
    instead every body now a dayz prefer Gujrat ......no bad politics no local gundaz overall a peaceful state

  3. There's no rule or law in India to produce a passport for entering a different state . All India is ours because we have the citizenship of India . Any person can go and stay in any state in India . Its time for the politicians of India to gain a training under the Gujarat state govt.....

  4. latest according to raj thakre...only marathis are the true sons of soil (not ppl who hav lived for 20 years and know marathi language)....he says, anyone can parrot marathi....